FAQs - Storage Keeping

Why do we need to use room temperature or cool water?
Because the barley grass has 'live' enzymes and other nutrients that will be destroyed by using hot, warm or iced water.

Where should I store barley grass?
Barley grass should be kept away from moisture and sunlight, in its own jar with the lid fastened securely. Do not store barley grass in the refrigerator where condensation could cause nutrients to oxidize and break down.

Can I make up a large amount of Santé Pure Barley and keep it in the refrigerator?
No, live nutrients are released when Santé Pure Barley is mixed with the proper liquids and should be taken no more than 20 minutes or so after preparation. When live nutrients are no longer protected by fiber, they will begin to oxidize and "die." Santé Pure Barley should be taken immediately after preparation in order to receive the maximum amount of nutritional benefit. Will taking Santé Pure Barley after or with meals hinder its effectiveness? You can drink Santé Pure Barley anytime, but we suggest you take it alone so that your body can assimilate the full benefits of its properties quickly and easily without other foods being present to slow this process. Will Santé Pure Barley cause diarrhea or constipation? Santé Pure Barley will help rebuild healthy intestinal flora and therefore may have a positive effect on regularity and gas. Santé Pure Barley has traditionally been used to promote regularity and does not cause constipation. Does Santé Pure Barley contain digestive enzymes? Yes, Santé Pure Barley contains many enzymes including digestive enzymes such asamylase.